February – May

Acting for Critical Thought English Tutor 826 Valencia in San Francisco, CA

While my spring semester went on in the background, I was having the time of my life at Downtown High School tutoring for 826 Valencia’s Acting for Critical Thought. The students focused on a theme of resistance, resilience, and revolution. Collectively, the students created an exhibition that solidified the drive in my heart to become a teacher. I also helped edit for some grammar along the way, but I also learned some lessons. Read my résumé for more information about my time at 826 Valencia!

May – August

Waitress Seiad Café in Seiad Valley, CA

One of the most rewarding things you could do is do service work where it’s your job to make people happy. Working as a waitress along side my mother and sisters every summer is what I look forward to during the school year. I am a people-pleaser, no matter how far I have to go in the café – from tech support to making milkshakes – I love the feeling I get when I’m able to make someone happy with my service.

August – Present

Freelancer Ember Ink Wordsmithing at home

This opportunity as a paid freelancer is one that I am very grateful to have as I enter my final year of undergraduate studying. I’m excited to be working closely with the owner and operator who generously hired me on the spot! I hope that I can build skills that will help me succeed in my other ventures. I will update this when I have a better understanding of how Ember Ink is helping me professionally.

September – December

Educational Programming Intern 826 Valencia in San Francisco, CA

I feel incredibly honored to be able to be a part of something much bigger with 826 Valencia. I did all of my undergraduate tutoring requirements with this amazing organization and I will be updating this section after I find out how this internship will help me profressionally. This is something I worked for and am very excited to start in September!

August – December

Transfer Magazine San Francisco State University in San Francisco, CA

The school year is about to begin as I write this blurb! This will be updated as the semester goes on and I find out what it takes to work on a magazine crew. I am nervous and excited to be a part of this team and am looking forward to the lifetime memories I will make!

Pending –

Various job opportunities in San Francisco, CA

You hiring? I’m employable! Check out my Hire section.