February – May

Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation San Francisco State University in San Francisco, CA

There are very few NAGPRA agencies in the Bay Area, but I had the privilege to work with one of the best. At the NAGPRA office at SFSU, I was handling artifacts that were hundreds of years old and learning programs that were specifically created to inventory each item in the collection. I did it all – transporting items, photographing artifacts, keeping inventory, bookkeeping, and learning about the delicate process of NAGPRA. In some cases, I was a part of a bigger picture of making custom, Frankenstein boxes that would contain baskets and tools to be picked up by their rightful owners – the tribes that lost them.

May – August

Waitress Seiad Café in Seiad Valley, CA

One of the most rewarding things you could do is do service work where it’s your job to make people happy. Working as a waitress along side my mother and sisters every summer is what I look forward to during the school year. I am a people pleaser, no matter how far I have to go in the café – from tech support to making milkshakes – I love the feeling I get when I’m able to make someone happy with my service.

August – December

Straight Up News English Tutor 826 Valencia in San Francisco, CA

While working at Everett Middle School, I met with two students weekly who wrote amazing articles that were printed in a newspaper called Straight Up News. This was the first instance that I’ve had where I was able to work closely with students. During this time, I was able to help students write their articles that, in the end, were worth the struggle of writing at 8 in the morning. You can learn more about my time with 826 Valencia at Everett Middle School in my résumé!

August – May 2017

Ford Scholar Mentor in San Francisco, CA

One of the perks of being a Ford Scholar is the Ford Scholar Mentor program. I am a product of this program myself. For my freshman year of college, I had a mentor who went to UC Santa Cruz who was there to guide me through every process of college. Having this support system inspired me to be that aid for someone else. So I was paired with an amazing mentee at CSU Monterey Bay who was at first very timid and nervous for the process of college. I helped her with various objectives such as scheduling advising appointments, finding tutoring resources, and giving general life advice to make it through the semester.