Ford Scholar Ford Family Foundation in Happy Camp, CA

The Ford Family Foundation is an Oregon based scholarship that provides 90% of the unmet financial needs for students in all of Oregon and California’s Siskiyou County. I was lucky enough to be awarded this scholarship based on community service, dedication to learning, school and sport involvement, and leadership capabilities. The honor I’ve been given for being associated with this scholarship is indescribable. Without the generosity of the Ford Family Foundation, I would not be attending college or achieving my dream of following in Hallie Ford’s footsteps and becoming a teacher. You can learn more about the Ford Family Foundation by clicking here.



Community Service Department of Natural Resources in Orleans, CA

This community event was an educational resource available for the Karuk tribe’s youth to learn how to fish sustainably, create meals solely off of the land, and promote healthy, traditional meals. Although I am not a member or descendant of the Karuk tribe, I was invited a member to join in on the fun. Alongside the Karuk youth, I learned how to live a no waste lifestyle, treat the environment with respect, and be a member of a close community.

October – December

Sales Associate Gymboree in San Francisco, CA

Though my time at Gymboree was short, I appreciated every second of it. This was my first job away from home in a big city during my first semester of college. It taught me about punctuality, communication, and sociability. Many people say that working in retail is comparable to a job in hell, but I beg to differ. Putting a smile on a customer’s face is rewarding and enjoyable. The fun that I had at Gymboree was long lasting, but scheduling conflicts lead me to leave the job when I left San Francisco for winter break.