Hi there! I’m Aleesha Lange.

I’m an amateur writer, an avid Fall Out Boy listener, and a jeweler. But most people in my impromptu hometown of Seiad Valley know me as an aspiring English teacher who moved away to the big, gay city of San Francisco.

By the time I graduate from San Francisco State University, I will have a Bachelor’s Degree in English Education and Creative Writing. I have my eyes set on my future classroom with (low key) terrible drawings and motivational posters scattered all over the walls and a desk – completely desolate of pencils – with a pile of shiny red apples gathered in the corner while 30 fifteen year olds sit quietly in their seats reading Shakespeare’s Othello.

But for now, I’m just another college kid who has to call home for moral support on the weekends and bend over backwards to satisfy snooty, ~tenured~ professors on the weekdays. I am currently looking forward to my senior year of college and future projects working on SFSU’s Poetry Center workshop and Transfer Magazine.

Anyway, I hope you find this professional writing space to be useful in your decision to work with me. If you would like to read more about my philosophy about teaching, please explore my website. I have also provided a space for you to view my résumé and some sample writing at the top of this page if you feel so inclined.

All of the graphics on my website were made by the fabulous Sharon Cheng, a good friend and an even better artist. Contact me to contact her.